MS Word Timesaving tips

10+ MS Word Timesaving Tips and Tricks

For many of us, document creation using MS Word is a routine task, which takes up lots of time. If you can save even just a little bit of time on a lot of small tasks, those time savings can really add up because Your time is valuable. Improve your MS word productivity and you will find you are working more efficiently and effectively. If you really want to save time or want to be an MS word expert this tutorial is for you. Here is a list of the MS word timesaving tips and tricks, I will cover in today’s blog.

  1. Calculator in MS Word
  2. Last Edited Location.
  3. Shortcut key for Change Case 
  4. Delete whole word in one go
  5. Move one word Left/ right with one key press
  6. Shortcuts to select complete Word/sentence/Paragraph.
  7. Fit to one page/Shrink to fit.
  8. Superscript and subscript shortcut
  9. Insert line of different style using keyboard
  10. Break page to move rest of the text on the next page.
  11. Insert current Date and time


  1. Calculator in MS Word:- Most of the time you need to do some basic calculation during document creation, for that you have to open the calculator for the same. But with this handy shortcut you will be able to do calculations very easily in MS Word. Steps are:
    • Press ‘Ctrl+F9’ key from your keyboard
    • In curly braces type calculation starting from ‘=’ sign. For Example {=5*7}
    • Now Right click inside the brace and select the ‘Update Field’ option from the drop down menu.
    • Answer will get displayed. In this case- 35
  2. Last Edited Location:- Sometimes during editing we just forget the last edit done, in that case you can use ‘Shift+F5’ from the keyboard cursor will automatically move to the last edited location in your document.
  3. Shortcut key for Change Case:- To change case of text like UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize Each Word etc. we have to click on the change case option in the Home Tab. When you have to change cases many times during document creation. With this shortcut you can change case of any text by following steps:
    • Select text
    • Press ‘Shift+F3’ Key 
    • Repeat step b until you get text in required case.
  4. Delete the whole word in one go:- When we use Delete/backspace keys on the keyboard to delete text, it deletes one character(letter) at a time. To delete one complete word at a time 
    • Press Ctrl+Backspace keys to delete word to the left of cursor 
    • Press Ctrl+Delete keys to delete word to the right of cursor 
  5. Move one word Left/ right with one key press:-When we use Arrow keys on the keyboard to move around text, it moves around one character(letter) at a time. To move between complete words at a time use Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow Keys. For example to move left press ctrl+Left Arrow key it will skip one word and will move left. 
  6. Shortcuts to select complete Word/sentence/Paragraph :-You can select Complete word, Sentence or Paragraph with these shortcut keys:
    • To select a word press keys Ctrl+Shift+Arrow key(Left or Right)
    • To select sentence press keys Ctrl+click anywhere between the sentence.
    • To select Paragraph triple click in front of paragraph.
  7. Fit to one page/Shrink to fit:- Sometimes while document creation only 2-3 lines moves to the next page. But if you need to print that document you need to adjust text to fit on one page. With the use of this option Word will automatically fit the text to one page. Here’s how to do this:
    • In Microsoft Word click on ‘Office Button’ 
    • Now select ‘Word options’
    • Under ‘Word Options’ dialog box Select ‘Print Preview Tab’ from dropdown list under ‘choose commands from dropdown.image2
    • Now select ‘Shrink One Page’ and the press ‘Add>>’ Button as shown above.
    • Click Ok to place ‘Shrink One Page’  icon on the ‘Quick Access Bar’ as shown below


    • By clicking on this icon MS Word will automatically decrease the spacing and font size to fit the document to one page.
  8. Superscript and Subscript Shortcut:- To convert text to Superscript First of all select text then press ‘Ctrl, Shift and Plus(+) keys’ together and to convert text to Subscript, select text then press ‘Ctrl and Plus(+) keys’ together.
  9. Insert line of different styles using keyboard:-If you want to insert a line inside your document press hyphen three times and press enter key. For different styles you need to enter different symbols. Here is a list of symbols which you can press 3 times and then press enter key to insert different types of line
    • -(hyphen) for simple line
    • =(equal) for double line
    • ~(tilde) for zig zag line
    • #(hash) for  triple line
  10. Break page to move the rest of the text to the next page :- With this shortcut you will be able to move the rest of the text after the cursor to the next page. For this press Ctrl + Enter keys together.
  11. Insert current Date and time:- You can insert current date and time inside your document. Along with this you can also set them to update automatically so that when you use that document it shows the current date and time on the document. For this follow steps given below:
    • Select on Insert Ribbon on the top bar
    • Then select date and time option As shown belowimage3
    • Now choose the date and time format to display.
    • Then if you want MS Word to update date and time automatically tick checkbox ‘Update Automatically’ and press ok.


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