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Why does computer hang frequently?

Hi guys, today I’m going to discuss about laptop or computer hang/ freezing problem and how to solve it?

Computer / laptop become a part of daily life. Sometimes your computer/ laptop hangs or you can say freezes. During hanging or freezing computer/laptop you have to restart your computer to do work. Sometimes you lose your important work or data because you could not be able to save before your system gets hang. This is the difficulty which everyone faces most of the time whether in office or at home. 

First question arises in mind that why Computer or laptop hangs?

There are several reasons why does computer hang? Some of the potential causes of computer freezing are:

  1. Computer does not have enough space on hard disk drive.
  2. Your PC requires a memory (RAM) upgrade.
  3. PC’s hard disk drive corrupted or fragmented
  4. Multiple heavy applications running at the same time
  5. Your computer is infected with a virus.
  6. Hardware conflicts and outdated drivers
  7. Processor or Computer is overheating
  8. Hardware Failure.
  9. Computer has been running for a long time without a restart or reboot.
  10. Version of OS (Operating System) or other software is outdated (or you can say that not compatible).

How to solve computer hang problem?

Before solving this problem first of all check if system is hanged or some programs are not responding.

You can check this by your computer’s keyboard. Press caps lock key and check its corresponding LED on keyboard. Is it working or not? If keyboard is not working that means your computer is hanged only. Solution to this problem is restarting the system.

If keyboard is responding then press ctrl + alt + Del key together and click on task manager option. Under applications tab in task manager window check which program is open and not responding. If there are many open programs which are no longer needed just select that program and click on end task.

If these programs are still not ending then right click on the program which you want to end and click on go to process now .Under processes tab that process will be selected automatically. Click on end process to end that process and not responding program will be closed immediately.

Another way to avoid hang problem is to increase the priority of the program which you need frequently. So that when you open that program the computer processor processes same program immediately.

How to increase the priority of a program?

  1. Open the program.
  2. Open window task manager by right click on task bar and select start task manager 

From Popup menu.

  1. under application tab right click on the program which you want to make high priority and click on go to process.
  2. Now right click on the process and click on set priority and set the priority to high.

After doing all these steps the program will respond immediately and you will see your computer is not hanging but responding.


This trick is used to solve software generated hang problem but in case of hardware related problem like hardware failure, space problem on hard disk, or memory upgrade you need to contact the hardware personnel for the solution.

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