How to Download Videos Using VLC Media Player

VLC media player is a free, portable and cross-platform media player. Using VLC Media Player you can watch videos and hear music. You can also  Record the screen for future use, Download videos using VLC Media Player and many more. It may be for the purpose of tutorial or share to find the solution of the particular problem and many more.
VLC stands for: – "Video LAN (Local Area Network) Client

Downloading videos using VLC media player is really an easy task as it does not need any downloader for the same. You just need to follow these simple steps given below:

Here are steps to Download Videos using VLC Media Player

  1. Open your PC’s favorite browser and Open in same browser.
  2. Open your favorite video.
  3. Do copy the URL of selected video.
  4. Now open VLC media player.
  5. Click on Open Network Stream in the VLC media player or press Ctrl+N under media menu.
  6. Paste URL of selected video in the dialog box and click on play button.
  7. Click on codec information under tools menu or press Ctrl +J.
  8. Copy URL from location box in the dialog box (first of Right click and select “Select All”) then press Ctrl +C.
  9. Now again open your favorite browser and Paste the URL in the address bars pressing Ctrl+V.
  10. Press Ctrl+S to save the video. A dialog box will appear to set location.
  11. Specify name and click on save button.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded now.
Go to the file location, find the file and play file in any media player.


Last but not the least VLC media player is easy to use and most popular media player for desktop or mobile. You can Play various kinds of media formats using VLC Media Player. Along with playing various formats it also provides many features.

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  1. I am not a techie person at all but your instructions sound clear and easy to follow if ever one needs it. Thanks for sharing

  2. Interesting blog topic. I have never tried to download videos using VLC media player. Thanks for providing thorough instructions.

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