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Essential Web Hosting Features, You should know

Hi guys, today I’m going to discuss about Essential features of Web Hosting. These are really very important to know, if you are planning to buy web hosting for your website.


This is one among the foremost essential features of a trustworthy web hosting provider. Guaranteed uptime means a website is guaranteed to be up at least 99.9% of the time and available to visitors. This guarantee should include server uptime, network uptime, web server and service uptime. While you might not completely understand the technicalities of these, look to see if your free web hosting provider has these listed somewhere on their website. If not, ask them about it.

24/7 professional technical support

If your online business is open 24/7 and critical apps run continuously, then you would like the reassurance that if anything goes wrong, at any time, you’ll have the technical support you would like to assist you sort it out.

By technical support, it doesn’t mean someone who is simply paid to answer the phone kindheartedly; you would like an expert who can help resolve your problems. Remember that every minute you’re offline, your losing custom, so this service is vital.

As your business grows, 24/7 support will become even more important, especially if you run complex systems and use classy apps to undertake your company’s operations.

Data Storage Capacity

The first and foremost concern should be the amount of storage your service provider offers. For most small and medium internet sites, you’ll find few GB of data storage as enough. Some may offer unlimited volume with certain conditions applied. So read the details or get in touch with support representatives to get the exact picture. Once done, go with the plan that suits your requirements.

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Email & E-Commerce Features

Web hosts usually offer POP3 email accounts with their plans. POP stands for post office protocol. POP opens a short lived connection to the server and retrieves any email there before closing the connection. You can check these email accounts through a client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Entourage or Thunderbird. Some Web hosts also provide Web access to your account so you’ll check your email anywhere you’ve got a browser and an online connection.

For starters, number of accounts and integration with Gmail should be more important than other an excessive amount of techie stuff.
Moreover if you’re running an ecommerce website, confirm to verify if the online host offers some key features. SSL certification, dedicated IP, and one-click shopping cart software installation are some example features that you simply will need. Ask your web developer to assist you list down those required features.

Pre-Installed Apps

Web host companies provide numerous features in shared plans that it becomes an enormous mess. However, pay attention to their pre-installed apps feature. These are special widget features that permit you quickly build an internet site. Due to this, everything is managed efficiently.

The control panel is that the most elementary app, which enables you to regulate even the foremost complex server processes easily on a user-friendly interface.
Zpanel, Virtualmin, and cPanel are a number of the foremost used and well-known control panels. Some control panels have pre-installed apps and add-ons of eCommerce tools.

However, albeit these come handy, most of those add-ons are only useful if you need them.

Data Backup

It’s important to choose a Web host that backs up your Web site and server files at least daily. Data backup is important for you to be ready to easily restore your internet site without spending the time and money to recreate it if you mistakenly delete or corrupt important files.

Make sure that backups are stored remotely on different servers to those on which you’re hosted. This way, if your server goes down, your backups are still available.

In addition, ensure your web host is backing up their servers too. If the server goes down because of an issue at the host’s end, you need to know that they have a failover server ready to kick in.

Final Thoughts

Remember, when choosing a package, not just to consider your present requirements but also what you’ll need within the future. As a final point, before finalizing specific hosts for your website undergo their user agreement very cautiously to avoid stepping into trouble later.

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