Facebook Features- 5 Best features change the way you use facebook

Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to connect with community .it is a site which allows its users to share photographs, live chat, comments and can exchange other information. It is free to join and use. There are many facebook features which makes this social networking site so popular and useful.

A person with age of 13+ can join Facebook with registered email address. Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Facebook is more open and communal site. With the help of privacy tools you can limit your viewers. Facebook is accessible 24 hours a day no specific time required for Facebook. You can search your old friends on Facebook.

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a version of Facebook that can work easily with slow data connections.

General Features of Facebook

  • Cover Photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Friend Activity
  • Photos & Apps
  • About
  • Messenger
  • Nearby Friends
  • Moments
  • Moves
  • Groups
  • Timeline

People have less knowledge of some of hidden facebook features in spite of daily usage. We’ll talk about hidden features of Facebook.

Hidden Facebook Features

Shopping On Facebook

Facebook added an option for shopping with “buy” button with e-commerce platform Shopify  .Where merchants show products on their company Page. Customer can directly purchase on Facebook page or can buy on company’s store.

Legacy Contact

If someone wants to keep his photos and messages data as memorable when he passes away, Facebook has an option to give control to a family member or friend to manage his account.

 It’s called a Legacy Contact.

A legacy contact will be able to write a post at the top of a page, respond to friend requests, and control of the profile photo. Legacy contacts can’t change other account settings.

Scrapbook for Photos

People always want to keep their partner’s; children or pet photos in an album. Facebook provide an option to save these photos in a scrapbook. Scrapbook avoids distribution of photos and keeps them in one place. Facebook added an option to choose kin and relationships to create a scrapbook with a blue get started tab.

Live Video on Facebook

Live is the most excellent mode to interact with viewers and it is one of the  best facebook features.it brings people close together by allowing seeing each other. Anyone can connect instant with followers using live video. Live video streaming is a fun feature of Facebook. Live video allow you to share your views among viewers on Facebook. Anyone can make live video more interesting by giving a title and can set the level of privacy.

It’s a simple feature of Facebook. You have to tap on Go Live > Continue.

Once broadcast is completed, tap finish.

Post or Link GIFs in Comments

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a short animated Picture Format.
 You can post or link GIFs in comments also. Uploading a GIF to Facebook is simple

Find the gif of your choice. Post it and enjoy by sharing with your friends and family.


A Facebook event is a calendar-based invitation which can be used to inform of future events to users. Anyone can create event and can set the level of privacy. A Facebook event which includes information about the event, the time and date of the event and even images can be sent to a select group of community. Facebook events are easy to use.

 A Facebook Event Allows Doing Following:

  • RSVPs
  • Schedules
  • Calendar entries
  • Photos


To Create Facebook Events

  1. Tap events.
  2. Clicks create.
  3. Tap the people to whom you want to invite.
  4. Choose the privacy you want to share event with.
  5. Write event name, information, place and time.
  6. Click done.


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