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Files Go app by Google – Manage Your Files Easily

After a long wait, Google has finally revealed its file manager app named Files Go which will help you to manage your files on android phone and tablets. You don’t need to explore the whole phone file system to find the files for sending or removing. Basically, it is a file manager and a cleanup manager of phone. As a cleanup manager it cleans up junk storage from android mobile phone.

Discussion points:
  1. Junk storage
  2. What is Files Go app?
  3. How to use Files Go?

Junk Storage: Junk storage refers to the space in phone which is of no use or which is no longer needed.

Now a day’s smart phone are used for many purposes such as to take pictures from camera, capture videos, play YouTube videos, send or receive pictures and sharing videos or documents through social media apps which occupy a lot of space and thus creating a chaos. All this makes phone out of space or when you try to store anything new into your phone it shows you insufficient memory error. Along with useful files it stores some useless or duplicate files into phone. In short, useless files in phone are called junk storage.

Junk Storage includes

  • Cache memory
  • Unused apps and their data
  • Useless images or videos
Files Go app by Google

It’s a very simple and easy to use; also its interface is user friendly. This is a lightweight application (app) developed by Google to manage files on android devices. Files Go is used to view, delete and share files on android phones or tabs. It is called File Manager app because it is used to manage files. It is also called Cleanup manager because it is used to clean up the file system.

How to use Files Go by Google

This app can work only in android 5(lollipop) or it’s later versions. To use this app you have to first install it in to you phone steps are

  • Open Play Store
  • Search for Files Go or Google Go
  • Click on install Button
After installing the app open the app. It has two modes
  1. Storage Mode
  2. Files Mode


Its default mode is Storage mode otherwise Touch the storage button. It will show you available and used storage space on your phone. Also this view suggests you the available options to free the storage space. If you opt to free up space it will ask you for the permission to delete the stuff. The best thing about files Go app is that it categorizes the storage space according to clean up needs. Some of the categories are:

  • Clear Cache Memory occupied by various applications
  • Delete Low resolution images
  • Uninstall unused apps and so on


Other mode is Files mode, Touch the File icon on the bottom right of the window. This view will show you the various kinds of files stored into the phone via various applications along with space consumed by them. In Files view, it has following options

  • Downloads:- List of downloaded files in the phone.
  • Received Files:- List of files received through Files Go.
  • Apps: Installed and uninstalled apps in the phone.
  • Images: It shows all the images stored in the form. it has various tabs like
    • All : to view all the images
    • Screenshots: Screenshot images
    • Whatsapp images
    • Download images and so on
  • Videos: list of all the videos in the phone
  • Audio: List of audios in the phone.
  • Documents: List of documents in the phone


In Files mode you can also send or receive files using Bluetooth or secured wifi hotspot.

You don’t need to on the Bluetooth, this app will does it automatically.

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  1. I currently use Google Drive for my files. I have bookmarked this post so I can check out the benefits of this app.

  2. Wow…this is a great app and something I desperately need. I love that it cleans up the rubbish that we end up collecting on our phones!
    Going to check it out now! Thanks!

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