how to find and organise files placed on Google Drive

GOOGLE DRIVE: Finding and Sorting Files

Hi guys, today I’m going to discuss about Google Drive. In this article you will learn how to find and organise files placed on Google Drive.

Google Drive incorporates a lot of features. Some of them I will discuss today. Let’s discuss one by one.

  • Find your files
  • Sort file or folder
  • Views in Google Drive

Find your files: You can search files on Google Drive. Google Drive is a drive on cloud. By default it can store 15GB of data. So manually searching on so many files is really difficult on Google Drive. But Google makes finding files on Google Drive really very easy task also it gives lot of advanced search options which makes finding files easier. Simplest way to search is as follows:

  1. Open your Google Drive (
  2. In the Search drive text box enter the name of file you want to search
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard


For advanced search options click on down arrow like shown below It will show the optionssearch
It shows the seven options which are explained below:

  1. Search by type: Under this option you can search the item by type.Whatever type of file you want to search just click on that.
  2. Search by date modified: Under this option you can search the item by date. You can click on custom option to search according to your requirement as shown below    you can set the period according to your need. Click on the calendar button and select the dates between which you want to search.
  3. Search by file name: Under this option you can search the item by its name. Just type the name of the file and click on Search Button.
  4. Search by “Has the Words”: Under this option you can search the item by words contained in the file name. Like if you type “he”. It will search all the files having words “he” for example hello, her etc.
  5. Search by owner: Under this option you can search the item by the owner of the file as shown below
    if you click on specific person then you have to give email address of the specific person who owns the file.
  6. Search by shared with: Under this option you can search Item based on sharing. For Example if you have ever shared some file with anyone and you want to search that file you can enter the email address of that person and search the file.
  7. Search by location: Under this option you can search the item by the location in Google Drive as shown below
    1. Anywhere means it will search in the whole drive
    2. Starred refers to the file which you have starred before

To star a file just right click on the file and select Add Star option from the menu.
Trash refers to the location of removed files.
Sort file or folder: Sorting refers to showing files and folder in Alphabetic order.Sorting files and folders makes it easy to search and view. You can sort files and folders according to name, last modified, last modified by me and last opened by me. Let us discuss how to do it and also each option in detail.

  1. How to sort files: First of all log in to Google Drive. Then click on the sort options button as shown below:Sort
  2. Sort options button will open a menu with four ways to sort and the selected option will have a tick mark before it.
  3. You can select the particular option by clicking on that option.

Views in Google Drive: You can change the way you look at the files in Google Drive. The view of Google Drive can be switched between two view viz. list views, grid view. This can be achieved by clicking on the list view/ grid view toggle button on the top.

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