Google Excel – 10 reasons to use Google Sheets

Google Excel or Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet.Spreadsheet is a page of cells formed by intersection of rows and columns. Rows are identified by numbers and columns are identified by letters or alphabets. Each cell is identified by an address using column letter and row number. Google Excel or Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet that can be created or edited online.

Reasons to use Goggle Excel

  1.  Data is saved online automatically – The first question arises in the mind is where all your data get saved? Your data is saved on Google Drive – i.e. online storage space provided by Google. Your sheet is saved automatically without need to click on save button. All you need is just a computer or laptop, Internet connection and last but not the least a Google account that is free to create and use.
  2.  Format your sheet – You can use format toolbar to quickly format your sheet data or you can use format menu to access all possible format options. Also you can use conditional formatting option in order to format data conditionally.
  3. Charts – You can insert charts based on your sheet data. There are many types of charts available like line, area, bar, scatter, pie etc. Google Sheets provides easy way to insert charts in sheets.
  4. Forms – Forms are must everywhere. You need to fill many types of forms in order to complete your work requirement. With Google Sheets you can create and share forms and can access forms data in the form of Excel Sheet.
  5. Sharing of Sheet – You can share sheet with your colleagues and teammates to work in collaboration.
  6. Protect Sheet – When you share your sheet it becomes vulnerable to inadvertent modification. With Google Sheets you need not to worry about the same. Because you can protect sheet according to your choice and make it secure. The cells which you want to edit can be edited while other cells remains locked.
  7. Functions – Google provide us much type of functions to calculate cells data. These are categorised as Statistical, Array, Engineering, text, date etc.
  8. Import spreadsheet – you can import data from other spreadsheet software and can edit here. Some of the file formats accepted by Google Sheets are-.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlt, .xltx, .xltm, .ods, .csv, .txt, .tsv and .tab
  9. Revision History – If you want to see the changes you and others have made to a spreadsheet, you can check the revision history. You can review and revert to earlier versions of the file and can see which person made specific edits.
  10. Comments on Cells – if you have multiple users, in different physical locations, the comment functionality can be very helpful. It enables users to have a conversation about a cell without altering its contents. The comment functionality can be useful in an environment where one person is reviewing another’s work.

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