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Google Pixel Buds-GOOGLE has finally released its new Pixel Buds

Finally, the wait is over for second-generation wireless Headphones. Google- internet search giant has launched a true wireless earphone called Google Pixel Buds. The new true wireless Google Pixel Buds are a significant upgrade on their predecessors.


Google Pixel Buds are a pair of wireless ear buds that allow you to listen to media, answer calls, talk to your Assistant, translate languages, and express yourself through sleek design and intuitive controls.


Google’s new Pixel Buds have good sound, look, and they’re comfortable and compact. With custom-designed 12 mm speaker drivers, and uniquely placed beam forming mics and voice accelerometer delivers a “quality audio experience.”


Sensors in each bud detect your voice and eliminate background noise, so you can take and make clear calls, and water resistance makes these in-ear headphones the ideal fitness buddy. With Google Assistant built a right in, these white Google Pixel Buds ear buds help you check the weather or search your contact list with just a tap.


Google Pixel Buds-wireless bluetooth earbuds

A key feature of the new Google Pixel Buds is hands-free access to Google Assistant. The Pixel Buds pair more easily with Android phones by simply opening the wireless charging case. Within seconds, you’ll see a notification on your screen asking if you want to pair the Pixel Buds with your phone.


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Rechargeable battery of Pixel Buds give you up to 5 hours of listening time and up to 2.5 hours of talk time on a single charge, plus up to 24 hours of listening time and up to 12 hours of talk time with the charging case.


Google recently announced its second-generation Pixel Buds in countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Spain, and also the UK.


According to reports, Google’s Pixel Buds will be arriving in new colors next month. Currently, Pixel Buds come in, ‘clearly white’ color; the Buds were announced to arrive in four, different colors. The wait-listed colors expected are Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black.

Google Pixel Buds

You can also buy Google USB-C Wired Digital Earbud Headset for Pixel Phones – White

Final Thoughts


Of course, being made by the online search giant, Google’s integrated its assistant into the Pixel Buds meaning you’ll be able to get all of your notifications and ask numerous questions via voice search. The pixel buds include gestures to control your phone without actually touching your phone. Want to turn up to volume? Swipe forward. Want to pause video/music? Tap to pause. Skip track? Triple tap. Want to hear to notification? Long press on buds. Excellent for those who don’t want to be preoccupied!

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