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How has technology improved our lives

Hi guys, today I’m going to discuss about Technology. What are Technology and how has technology improved our lives?

Technology refers to use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes or applications. The term ‘Technology” is vast. In a revolutionary development most of the things are being managed by applying technology.

The word technology is a combination of two Greek words,

Technology: – techne & logos

Techne means art, skill, craft, or the way, or means by which a thing is gained.

Logos means “to speak of”.

Technology plays a vital role in our society. Human life is advanced many of times with the help of high end technology.  Even scientists have worked a lot to know about future happening with the help of technology. Still they are working to know in depth about things to be happening after many of years by applying different types of technology. In today’s world whether we are at home, office or anywhere else, the ease to accomplish our daily tasks are possible only with the help of technology. From a new born baby’s toy to scientific projects all are interlinked with high end technology.

All competitive businesses are running using advanced technology in various forms now days.

Let’s Discuss how has technology improved our lives?

types of technology

Since technology can be simple or complex, there are many types of technology.

Types of Technology

  • Medical Technology
  • Technology Productivity Tools
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Electronic Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Detection and Surveillance Technology
  • Aviation Technology
  • Communication Technology
  • Transportation Technology
  • Education Technology
  • Social Networking Technology
  • Digital Technology
  • Block-chain Technology
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Technology
  • AI Technology

Many more….


             I am explaining the most important of each as 


Medical Technology

Medical technologies are devices, services used by physicians to better diagnose and treat patients to save their lives.

Ex: MRI scanner, stethoscopes, artificial organs, ventilators and robotic prosthetic limbs etc.

Technology Productivity Tools

Technology productivity tools are computer software programs which allow a user to create particular items that could save you time, make it easier to access and improve your productivity. Microsoft Office is a common productivity software package which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Ex: word processors, databases, spreadsheets, and multimedia tools.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected devices to the internet and to other connected devices. This includes everything from vehicles, cell phones, washing machines, headphones, lamps, a room temperature sensor, wearable devices and other items which are interconnected to collect and exchange data through the sensors, software, actuators, micro-chips, electronics etc embedded in them to ensure network connectivity (internet, Bluetooth, a jet engine of an airplane etc).

Ex: Apple Watch, Smart Bulbs, Google on Your Device etc.

Electronic Technology

Technology used within telecommunications, biotechnology, embedded design, power, communications design, test & measurement, programmable logic, system design, automation and more.

Ex: aviation/avionics systems, navigational systems, computer related electronics, robotics and biomedical equipment.

Mechanical Technology

Technology used for technological developments and to solve mechanical problems.

Ex: brakes on bike and gears in a transmission.

Detection and Surveillance Technology

Technology used for Lawful detection and surveillance for illicit things and watching spaces, people, activities and movement for unlawful activities.

Ex: video cameras and closed-circuit television systems, audio receivers and recorders, radar traffic enforcement devices, motion detectors, heartbeat detectors, and “radar flashlights”.

Aviation Technology

Aviation Technology includes Safety and security features, aircraft maintenance, Navigation and flight training.

Ex: flight training, ballooning, parachuting and gliding etc.

Communication Technology

Communications technology refers to equipment and programs that are used to process and communicate information.

Ex: Audio and video conference.

Transportation Technology

Transportation Technology includes Equipment’s and machines which can make transportation quick and easy from one location to another.

Ex: Hyper loop, smart cars etc.

Education Technology

Education Technology includes applications of technology and technological tools used in Practice and learning process.

Ex: Smart classes, Digital study and Virtual and Remote Laboratories etc.

Social Networking Technology

Technology used to connect people with multiple networks via the Internet.

Ex: Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, Snapchat and Tumblr etc.

Digital Technology

Digital describes electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data in the form of numeric code. This information is usually in binary code (0 and 1).

Ex: personal computers, calculators and automobiles

Block-chain Technology

Block-chain Technology includes digital pieces of information stored in a public database.

Ex: Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies.

Industrial and Manufacturing Technology

Industrial and Manufacturing Technology includes broad range of manufacturing technology to increase productivity.

Ex: Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality.

AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the technology enabling machines that work and react like humans especially computer systems. It has become an essential part of the technology industry.

Ex: Virtual Agents, Bio metrics and voice recognition.


While no alternate method to stop earthquake, hurricane or a volcano from occurring but we can receive alerts and can minimise its effects by applying scientific knowledge.

Technology companies are working on recovering from catastrophic natural disasters using latest technology.


Technology is a necessity in today’s world. We cannot imagine our lives without technology. Whole world is connected through the various types of technology. Human lifestyle has been advanced and improved many of times with the help of technology.

Thanks to the continuous development of technology!!

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