How to access Google Drive

How to access Google Drive

With Google drive you can do much more than you think you can do online.I will tell you how to access Google Drive but Before that let me introduce what exactly Google drive is. It is a service provided by Google for storage and synchronisation of files and folders.
When you log in to Google drive you automatically get free 15 GB Space for storage of your files, folders, Gmail attachments and photos. You can store any kind of file on Google drive safely. You can also buy more space from Google according to plans offered by Google.
Sharing: – Sharing is also made Easy with GoogleDrive. You can share any file you want to share with other people. Your Files are private; no one can view, edit or comment on your file without your permission. By allowing others to edit your files you can work in collaboration.
Your files are safe with Google drive even if your PC, Mobile or Tablet get crash.

How to access Google Drive?

There are many ways to access googledrive.
1. Using Your Browser on your PC
In your browser’s Address Bar just type
And you will be redirected to the Following Page

gmail log in

Here enter your Gmail ID and Password if you had one. (Or you can create your account by clicking on “create account”)
By entering password you will be redirected to the following screen:-

google drive

Here is your Google Drive. You can upload and download files. From here you can access Google Docs, Google sheets, Google forms; here you can also store your photos and Google slides, Google maps. By clicking on my drive menu you can access all these applications of Google. Like shown below

Google Drive page


Thank you for reading. You can get full tutorial on how to access Google drive in my next Article on working with Google drive.

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