How to view Hidden files

How To View Hidden Files Windows 10

To protect sensitive information, you can hide files or folders. In this article i will guide you how to view hidden files Windows 10. We will also discuss how to unhide and hide these files or folders easily.

Steps to hide files or folders are:

  1. Right click on the File/Folder
  2. Click on Properties option in drop-down menu
  3. In Properties dialog box, Under general tab, check Hidden attribute

That file/folder will get hidden.

In future if you want to unhide this file or folder you first have to change the attribute of the file or folder.

But you can’t see hidden file/folder    

Here is How To View Hidden Files Windows 10

To view Hidden files or folders you need to open File Explorer Options. There are two ways to open File Explorer Options  

First Option:- Click on Start menu,

Type File Explorer Options in search bar

Open file explorere options



Second Option:-Click on Start menu,

Open Control Panel 

In control panel, Open file explorer options

After opening File Explorer Options, to view hidden files or folders

  1. In ‘File Explorer Options’ dialogue box click on ‘View’ tab
  2. in Advanced settings box 
  3. Under Hidden files and folders
  4. Click on show hidden files, folders and drives radio button.File Explorer Options
  5. Now click on apply button then click ok
  6. Hidden files/folders will be displayed(but it will be dull as compared to non-hidden files/folders)

How to unhide the Hidden files and folders

To unhide the hidden Folder or File follow the steps

  1. Right Click on the file/folder 
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Under General tab, Uncheck hidden option in front of attributes
  4. That file will be non-hidden(Show normally).

Bonus Tip:-

  1. Click on File Explorer on the taskbar.
  2. In View tab, under Show/Hide drop down menu check  Hidden items

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