How Will the IoT Impact Online Gaming

How Will the IoT Impact Online Gaming?

Hi guys, Today’s topic is about the online gaming and how IoT changes the way games are played.

Before the prevalence of internet most of the games were offline. But with the advent of internet or you can say that easy availability of internet made most of the gaming world online. These days’ famous games are played online.

IoT: Internet of Things

History of video games

Video games have been around for decades.

What is online gaming?

Online games are the games that are played over the internet using computer or mobile device.

Some of the commonly known online video games are Candy Crush, Farm Ville etc. In which users’ play which connected to some website for instance candy crush is played while connected to Facebook. Users compare their performance with other friends on the FB. Many games offer users the ability to chat with other gamers during the game example Clash of Clans. There are games in which player plays collectively online. These games can be played in private room or public rooms virtually examples of such games are Rummy Live, Teen Patti etc.  Nowadays it’s not surprising that even casino games can be played online. With the increasing popularity of online casinos, many people have begun to play casino games like poker from the comfort of their home.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected devices to the internet and to other connected devices. This includes everything from vehicles, cell phones, washing machines,headphones, lamps, a room temperature sensor, wearable devices and other items which are interconnected to collect and exchange data through the sensors, software, actuators, micro-chips, electronics etc embedded in them to ensure network connectivity (internet, Bluetooth, a jet engine of an airplane etc).

Internet of Things (IoT) platforms can help game developers with improved tracking of devices/objects using sensors and connectivity.

How will the IoT impact online gaming?

Today’s technology advancement killed the future of console based games. Reason behind

death of console based games is user need to get stuck with the workstation to play such games. But gamers of these days need to play games on the go also. They need total freedom to play games without any place or time hustle.

How Will the IoT Impact Online Gaming
How Will the IoT Impact Online Gaming

Impact of IOT on online gaming

  1. High quality video games, used for a flawless game play experience.
  2. Games can be played on any gadget (Mobile, Tablet, Pc or TV Screen) i.e. complete freedom to the gamer.
  3. Games can be played on the go.
  4. Seamless internet connectivity between the devices.
  5. Sensor based wearable devices will change the user experience of the gamer.
Final Thought

IoT will provide smart solution to problems of the gamers and it will be a challenge to the game developers to bridge the gap between novice gamers and technology. Any game development company that taps it will surely be a winner.

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