Best Known Instagram Features

Hi guys, today I’m going to discuss about Instagram and related terms such as (some best known Instagram features, download Instagram photos to PC using Instaport and vice-versa. What it really means and how it works?

Instagram is a social mobile photo-sharing application that allows registered users to share photos and videos using a Smartphone.

Just click a photo with your mobile phone and share it with your friends and family. If you want to keep your privacy then only community who follow you on Instagram can see your photos. It is a fun application to share your moments and views. Instagram updated with latest features like text color, zooming of photos and auto-play settings.

You can also share photos and videos on Instagram from other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

By following other users or being followed by them, you can interact with users on Instagram. Create an account on Instagram is effortless and free to use.

Anyone must be at least 13+ years to create an account on Instagram. Strict rules are being followed for unpleasant posts.

Launched on::October 2010

To Whom You Want To Share Your Photos?

Instagram has an option that you want to share your photos and videos publically or private. All photos uploaded on Instagram are seen publically by default. If you want to make your privacy then only community who follow you on Instagram can see your photos.

Some Best Known Instagram Features

  1. Adjustments of photos: Instagram launched a feature with which you can make full sized, landscape, portrait and crop and rotate your photo.
  2. Connect with social networking sites: you can link with other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter on Instagram.
  3. Change the cover frame of your video: To get more likes on your video choose cover frame before uploading on Instagram.
  4. Instagram direct: If you want to share your photo with a selected followers tap the Instagram direct.
  5. Disable comments: Now you can control your comments on post by turn off comments in setting.
  6. Remove followers: You can remove your followers on Instagram.
  7. Save other users’ posts: Instagram recently launched a new feature with which you can save other users’ posts.
  8. Change the color of text: You can choose the color for text before uploading on Instagram.
  9. Zoom in on photos: Users have option to zoom in photos and videos on Instagram.
  10. Mute Instagram stories from specific users: You can mute an Instagram story from a specific person by tap Instagram stories avatar.
  11. Notification from your desired people: Sometimes you don’t want to miss what your loved one has posted on Instagram. You can get a notification every time from your desired one by “Turn on post notifications” from the menu.

Download Instagram Photos to PC Using Instaport

Instaport: Instaport is a free web service that allows its users to easily backup the photos taken on Instagram.

To Use Instaport Follow Given Steps

  1. Load it online.
  2. Log in using Instagram username and password.
  3. Tap the photo you want to upload.
  4. Click “Start Export”
  5. Wait a while to download
  6. Download zip file of photos.
  7. Unzip file to see photos.


Upload Photo from Computer to Instagram

Instagram is a mobile app only. Sometimes photos or videos are not taken from your mobile still you want to share those photos on Instagram. Here is how it possible.

  1. Tap the camera button.
  2. Tap the “Other Files” button.
  3. Click the “Pick from Windows” option.
  4. Surf your PC to select the file which you want to upload.


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