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How to Make Your Computer’s Keyboard as Mouse?

With the advent of GUI i.e. Graphical User Interface the mouse has become a very important input device of the computer system. In fact working on computer without mouse or touch pad become a tedious job. Think about the situation when your mouse is not working properly and you have to present an important assignment within no time. This situation makes you much upset and frustrates you.

In this tutorial I will teach how to convert numeric keypad of your keyboard to mouse into a fully functional mouse or you can say touch pad( or you can say that how to use keyboard as mouse). Keys on the numeric keypad will move pointer on the screen just like mouse. The question here is how to do this. Computer’s windows provide a feature to customise keyboard to meet your requirement.

Discussion points:


  1. How to use numeric keypad of keyboard as mouse?
  2. How to use numeric keypad to control and use keys to meet your requirement?


How to use numeric keypad of keyboard as mouse?

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the start menu and select control panel from the start menu.
  2.   Under Ease of Access select change how your mouse works.
  3. Then Under control the mouse with the keyboard section check turn on mouse keys.
  4. Click on set up mouse keys link.
  5. Check turn on mouse keys.
  6. Set speed under pointer speed section to high (set to high both top speed and acceleration).
  7. Under other settings section you can set when numeric keypad become Active (when off or when on).
  8. Tick off to make numeric keypad work as a mouse when Num Lock is off and click on apply.
  9. Then click ok to apply the settings.


Congratulations! Numeric pad of your keyboard is now working like a pointer controller (like mouse).


How to use numeric keypad to control and use keys to meet your requirement?


  1. Turn off the Num lock by pressing the Num Lock button on keyboard.
  2. Use key 2 to move downward and 8 to move upward.
  3. Use key 4 to move the pointer left and key 6 to move the pointer right.
  4. To move diagonally use keys 1, 3, 7 and 9.
  5. And To left click use key 5 one time and to double click press key 5 two times quickly.
  6. To right click press key +.

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