Microsoft Word’s Useful Features

Millions of people use Microsoft Word everyday to create or maintain  their documents at work.That’s no surprise given that Word is the world’s most popular Word Processing Software.

But the truth is:

Few of us really know how to make use of all of Word’s features and benefits. But, learning a few simple Features can save you time, help you work more effectively. Here are seven simple Microsoft Word’s useful features you can use to take your productivity to the next level:


  1. Easily convert text to Table
  2. Clear Formatting
  3. Format Painter
  4. Save file As Pdf
  5. Page Border
  6. Select Text Vertically
  7. Insert formula in table
Easily convert text to Table:

Sometimes you need to convert text to table, today i am going to share a very simple trick which i use to convert text to table. Follow steps given below

  • Type text which you need to convert to table
  • Insert comma(,) where you want text to appear in next column
  • Select text
  • Click on select table under Insert Ribbon
  • Select convert text to table option
  • In dialog box select comma radio button, then press ok

For example to convert following text to table

Sno Name Designation

1 John Project Manager

2 David Executive

To convert above text place commas as given below

1,John,Project Manager


Now select above text, and choose convert text to table command under Table Button

Your text will appear as given below

1 John Project Manager
2 David Executive


Clear Formatting:-

Remove formatting from text is very easy  in MS Word. Select formatted text. Click on the clear formatting(letter A with pink eraser) button on Home ribbon.  

Format Painter:-

With clear formatting feature you can clear formatting of text on the other hand you can copy formatting of text and apply to required text by following these steps:

  • First of all place the cursor on the formatted text
  • Then press format painter button on the Home Ribbon
  • After that cursor will turn into painter like button
  • And select text with this painter like brush your text will get that format.
Save file As Pdf:-

you can save word documents as pdf in following two ways.

First Way:-

  • Create your document
  • then click on file menu->Save As
  • click on Browse button
  • Under save as type select pdf
  • and type File Name
  • now click on Save button

Second Way

  • Create your document
  • after that click on Print under file menu
  • Under printer option select ‘Microsoft Print to PDF option
  • Now click on print button
  • type file name click on save button
Page Border:-

To insert page Border to the page. click on page border under Design Ribbon. then select border style and click ok.

Select Text Vertically:-

sometimes you need to select text vertically this can be done by simply pressing Alt key and drag to select text.

Insert formula in table:-
  • you can do sum of rows/columns by using this easy trick.
  • Fill table with Data
  • Place the cursor in the cell where you want to get some of the values either bottom cell or right most cell
  • click on fx button under Table Tools-> Layout tab as shown below:

 Table Formula

Result will appear in the cell below. In this case 500.

For more MS Word timesaving tricks click here.

Final Thought:

Above said 7 MS Word Features for increasing productivity that we at digitutes have found extremely useful. If these features helped you in increasing productivity then share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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