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New Smartphone Technology

In a revolutionary development scientists, have created the world’s first transparent computer chip to be used in smartphone.The chip, known as (T-RRAM) or transparent resistive random access memory, is similar to existing chips known as (CMOS) or complementary metal-oxide semiconductor memory.


The difference is that TRRAM is completely clear and transparent.  By integrating TRRAM with other transparent electronic components, we can create a total see-through embedded electronic systems.”

The technology could enable the windows or mirrors in your home to be used as computer monitors and television screens.

It perform almost all functions of a traditional smartphone such as displaying images, making phone calls, play music, and more, and features an Android-like interface.


some companies are working to developed a gen-next transparent mobile phone.That is a conductive Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) using liquid crystal molecules to display images.


When the phone is in off mode, the molecules align to form a milky composition, but when switched on they re-align to form text, icons, and other images.


Electric current is carried through transparent wires.



Transparent resistive random access memory means:

A transparent resistive random access memory (T-RRAM) capacitor structure is successfully fabricated on glass substrate by pulse laser deposition (PLD) at room temperature.

complementary metal-oxide semiconductor means:

A technology for making low power integrated circuits.


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