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“Hey guys!”  hope you doing well!!!! Today we will discuss about a new topic i.e. Google photoscan.

  • You all have old printed photo albums or box of photos. You want to save those photos in our computer or phone memory i.e. digitally. Scanning those images using scanner is costly, time consuming and it become low in quality. Now digitizing photo is much easy with new app launched by Google named photo scan. It produces images without glare with much ease. You don’t need to have expert knowledge for the same. Today I am going to teach what photo scan is and how it is used.

It is a scanner app which scans printed photo from four corners using your phone camera and makes the scanned photo glare free. Photoscan not just take picture of old printed photo but also does edge detection, perspective correction and smart rotation.

How does photoscan work

First of all download photoscan app from

1) First step is to position the photo inside the frame of your phone using phone’s camera capture it.

2) Then move the phone into four directions. Things to note here is it shows four white dots in four corners and one hollow circle in the center. Now move the hollow circle over the four dots in the corner.

3) Congratulations! You have done scanning your photo. Now touch the circle button in the bottom right corner to access scanned image.

4) Touch the image to open.

5) After opening the image you can do two types of corrections.

Adjust Corners manually to refine corners.

Rotate the image according to your choice.

Things to be noticed before using photoscan

1) Do not move phone’s camera in a particular direction, especially up or down while scanning.

2) Place the photo on a flat surface.

3) To get better image turn on flash of your camera while capturing (using button on bottom left corner).

4) If there is too much glare in the picture then scan photos in less lighting area.

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