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How to Capture/Record Screen Using VLC Media Player

VLC media player is a free, portable and cross-platform media player. Using VLC Media Player you can watch videos and hear music but sometimes you need to Record screen for future use. It may be for the purpose of tutorial or share to find the solution of the particular problem and many more.


VLC stands for: – “Video LAN (Local Area Network) Client


So let’s start

How to record screen….


  1. Open VLC Media Player.
  2. Click on media menu. 
  3. From menu select open capture device. Record Screen
  4. From dialog box select capture mode & select desktop from the drop down list.
  5. Set desired frame rate for the capture. It should be between 10 f/s to 30 f/s.
  6. Click on arrow adjoining play button & select convert (press Alt+O from keyboard) from the drop down list.Record Screen
  7. Under setting set profile to mp4 (Select format for the recorded file in our example select mp4).Record Screen
  8. Now select browse button to select file location and filename.Record Screen
  9. Click on start button.Record Screen
  10. To stop recording press pause button on VLC Media Player window.

Record Screen

Congratulations! Your screen is recorded now.


Go to the file location, find recorded file and play file in any media player.


Advantages of recording screen using VLC Media Player


  1. You can save recording in your PC.
  2. VLC Media Player can be easily downloaded.
  3. VLC Media Player supports a wide variety of video formats.
  4. It can convert media files between different formats it supports.
  5. VLC doesn’t require downloading additional codecs to run a file.
  6. It is portable.
  7. It’s free of cost.

Last but not the least VLC media player is easy to use and most popular media player for desktop or mobile. You can Play various kinds of media formats using VLC Media Player. Along with playing various formats it also provides many features.Record screen is the best feature among them which i came across.

Hope you liked the tutorial. Thank you for reading. If you liked the tutorial please share on FB or tweet it. For any queries you can ask me through contact form or through comments.

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