Hi guys today i am going to describe how files can be shared on google drive and you can work in collaboration. Let us discuss what is sharing and collaboration and How to use sharing feature of google drive without using any app (using your favourite web browser).


Sharing refers to allow others to view, to comment on or to edit your files.


Collaboration can be defined as access your file on various devices and edit documents at same time. Having your files stored online make  easy to store, organise and share them,  you can work on documents with teammates.

With which  you can do group chat along with your work,also comment on the files.

Your files are always up-to-date, everyone have access to the latest version.

All this is possible and easy in Google drive. In this tutorial I will teach how to use sharing feature of Google drive.

Here is the steps to share the files on google drive

  1. First of all log in to Google drive by entering the url:
  2. Right click on the file that you want to share. A context menu will appear, from the context menu click on Share… option.
  3. A dialog box will appear with below written options:
  • Under people text box enter the email address of the people with whom you want to share the files.
  • Button along with it have three options
    • Can edit-by selecting this option you can allow people to edit files online.
    • Can comment– by selecting this option you can allow people to comment on your files online.
    • Can view– by selecting this option you can allow people to view your files online.

By clicking on Get Shareable link you can copy link or forward link of your file. Depending on the settings you can allow the people to view, to edit or to comment on your file.

By using, “can edit” option you can work in collaboration.


Steps to stop sharing files using google drive are as follows:

  1. Right click on the file that you want to stop share
  2. from the context menu select Share… Option
  3. A dialog box will appear. From that dialog box click on advanced link on the bottom-right corner.
  4. Click on the small cross appearing next to the person’s name under who have access section with whom you want to stop sharing the file.
  5.  Now you have to click on save changes button to apply these changes.


To know how to access and use Google Drive to Upload and Download files check my previous articles on the same. thanks for reading if you like the article please share.

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