Smart watch

Smart watch

Smart watch is a computer based watch tied with a strap on a wrist that offers functionality similar to Smartphone. Smart watches are designed to provide an addition to a Smartphone through Bluetooth.

After pairing with a  Smartphone a smart watch  user could have live  access to  intelligent features like internet connectivity, making and respond to the phone calls, read email and messages, weather updates, running mobile apps , health monitoring ,providing GPS navigation, listen to  music, using a mobile operating system.

Some smart watches are individual devices and functional-particular, such as collecting data about the user’s health. These watches may have their own apps able of gathering and tracking data of user’s heart pulse and steps walked in a day, month or in a year. It will be capable to tell when the user is running, sitting, standing, walking and even lying down.

How does smart watch work?

Connect a smart watch to a Smartphone through Bluetooth pairing. Without Bluetooth pairing it may work like a simple time displaying watch.

Things you can do exact from your smart watch

  1. Obtain tips about directions.
  2. join to your phone from far away.
  3. Play music, run apps and more.
  4. Track Location with the help of GPS navigation.

Advantages and  disadvantages of smart watches


  • You can see Notifications sent to your smartwatch without removing your phone from a pocket.
  • Smart watch is more user-friendly.
  • You can answer your call easily while driving or walking around.
  • Play music on your wrist .
  • Easy to schedule your routine work.

In spite of revolutionary development there are some disadvantages of smartwatch

  •  Due to Small display  not easy to read text messages and emails.
  •  Small battery since less space, lesser power.
  •  Not retrieve the data to sufficient accuracy.
  • smartwatch does not work like a standalone device.
  • High  cost.


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