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How to Take Screenshot in iPhone

Hi guys, today I’m going to discuss about Screenshot and Assistive Touch in iPhone . What it really meant for and how it can be used…?


 iPhone is designed by Apple Inc.

One of the trendiest Smartphone these days is Apple’s iPhone. iPhone is well-liked for its picture quality, speed, longest ever battery life, web browsing, GPS navigation and many more.

Today I am going to discuss about one of the significant features of iPhone that is called screenshot. Screenshot refers to capturing screen of phone. There are two ways to capture screen or you can say screenshot.

There are various versions of iPhone prevalent these days .Before discussing about screenshot first of all you should know or be familiar with the buttons on the iPhone and their name.

Almost all iPhone comes with following four basic buttons.

  • Home Button: A round shape button located on the front bottom center of iPhone.
  • Volume up/down Button: Button on the left side of the iPhone with plus and minus sign on it. Plus is used to increase the volume and minus to decrease the volume. It is also used to up/down the ringer volume.
  • Side Button: Button on right side also known as wake/ sleep button.
  • Top Button: To switch on/off the device. Just long press this button.


Here how to take screenshot in iphone?

  1. For iPhone8 and earlier Versions :

To capture screen you just need to follow these steps:

    1. Press and hold the side button.
    2. Now quickly press the home button and release both buttons.
  1. For iPhone X and other Versions: 

Press side and volume button simultaneously and release the buttons.

After capturing the screen also you can mark your phone screen. To do the same press mark button after capturing phone screen. Mark button is on the bottom left of screen. By pressing mark button, phone screen will switch to the mark up mode. Use markers and color of markers according to your choice.

Here is How to Markup Images in iPhone

  • After taking screenshot, screenshot will become a thumbnail to the bottom left corner.
  • Touch thumbnail button to open screenshot.
  • Tap image again and select the third tool with three horizontal lines with circle on it from the bottom tool bar.
  • Click on three consecutive dots (called more buttons).
  • Touch edits.

Now you can markup your screenshot. Insert text on it, magnify image and much more. Also there is undo button by using which you can undo the last action.


How to Take Screenshot in iPhone Using Assistive Touch 


How to Take Screenshot in iPhone Without Home Button and Power Button 

What if power button or home button is not working properly? In that case you need not worry about the usability. Still you can access all the functionality. Here you should have awareness about assistive touch.

 Assistive Touch is a feature of iPhone that allow you to access all the features using touch of screen.

Here is How to ON Assistive Touch

  • Open Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Tap on “Assistive Touch”.
  • Turn ON “Assistive Touch”.

Once you follow the above steps, you can see an Assistive Touch button in a round shape on your iPhone screen. Tap on button and you will find options to operate your iPhone without using home button & sleep/wake (power) button.

Here is How to Use Assistive Touch Button

  • Tap on Assistive Touch Button.
  • Now, Tap on Device.
  • Tap on More (…)
  • Finally, Tap on Screen Shot.


Taking screenshot in iPhone is really very easy but after going through this tutorial you will also know how to operate your iPhone without using its buttons . Thanks for reading the tutorial. If you like the tutorial please share it or leave comment.

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