use google account safely

How to use Google Account safely

Google Account is prevalent these days. To activate various applications in android phone we have to sign in with Google Account. Sometimes we have to login to Google Account from some unknown devices to check important mails. What if we forget to sign out or forget whether we have signed out or not? This creates lots of confusion and tension in our mind. This article will help users to check whether account is signed out or not.Here are the ways to use Google account safely.

There are two solutions for how to use Google account safely:


  1. Preventive
  2. Remedies


  1. Preventive
  2. Preventive steps refer to those smart actions which never let this kind of situation to arise. Solution is very simple and easy. Here are the steps:

    • Choose your favorite browser.
    • Open its private window.
    • Chrome users Press ctrl+Shift+N to open new Incognito window (also called private window).
    • Firefox users Press ctrl+Shift+P to open new Private window.
    • Internet Explorer users Press ctrl+Shift+P to open new inprivate window.
    • Safari Press users Command+Shift+N to open new private window.


    When you open your account in private window, it does not save any Password or browsing history. You only need to close window to sign out properly.

  3. Remedies
  4. Even then if you forget to browse in private window also forget to sign out properly.
    You need to follow the steps given below to sign out your Google Account if it is open in another device. Here are the steps:


    • First of all Open your Google Account.
    • Open My Account from your Google Account.
    • Click on device activity & notifications under sign in and Security.
    • Under recently used devices click on review devices.
    • Click on the particular device and press remove button to sign out from that device.


By this way you can use google account safely and without any worry about signing out (when you browse in private window just remember to close the window only)

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  1. This is a true threat. Google accounts interconnect a lot our personal things thus making us more vulnerable. Thanks for the tips.

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