how to use sheets

How to use Google Sheets

In the previous article you learnt about the features of Google Sheets. In this article I will discuss how to use Google Sheet‘s features and do your work on the go.  Let’s have a quick look at the tasks list.


  1. How to open Google Sheets on various devices?
  2. How to create a new Sheet?
  3. Make a sample Sheet.
  4. How to rename your Sheet?
  5. How to use some basic calculations on the Sheet using functions and formulas?
  6. How to open your saved Sheet?


  1. How to Open Google Sheets on various devices?
  2. On PC or Laptop: On PC or laptop you need not to download any application you can do your work online. Here is how you can do that

Just type in your browser’s address bar. Now login with your Google Account. After logging in you will be redirected to the home page of Google Sheets.
Having Tablet or Smartphone you have to download the Sheets app from play store then you can use the Google Sheets.

  1. How to create a new Sheet?

There are two ways to create a new Google Sheet.


  1. Blank Sheet or new Spreadsheet:
    1. PC users click on plus (+) icon and then select blank or directly click on blank.
    2. Apps users click on plus (+) then select new Spreadsheet.

On the blank Sheet you can create a Sheet according to your choice.


  1. Template: Google Sheets provides many inbuilt templates using which you can easily enter data and make attractive sheets.


  1. Make a sample Sheet:

Let’s make a sample worksheet for sales report for the following data.



First of all enter the data as shown above.


  1. How to rename your Sheet?

You can also rename your Sheet at any time you want. To rename a Sheet  click on the name of the Sheet on the top bar (above menu bar). Default name of Sheet is untitled Spreadsheet. To rename Google Sheet click on the name of the Sheet (in this case untitled spreadsheet) and type the name according to your choice.


Congratulations! Your Sheet is renamed now.


  1. How to use some basic calculations on the Sheet using functions and formulas?

It is the main part of any Spreadsheet package. This is how you can perform calculations inside the Sheet.  Now when you change data inside the Sheet the result will reflect in formula. You need not to worry about the total while changing data inside.


Let’s discuss how it works?

First thing is needed to understand is cell address. Cell address for the individual cell is column name row name like d3 here d is column of the particular cell and 3 is the row number of that particular cell.

  1. Formula: formula is an expression which calculates the value base on data and operator provided like 5*8 the value will be 40. In Sheets value is stored in cells and operator calculates value from the values in the cells like if you want to find the sum of values in 2001 and 2002 for north then formula for this will be in cell d3 like this =b3+c3
  2. Functions: functions are predefined formulas. Functions for the sum will be sum (range of cells).  Now how to write function for the above example can be as follows :

In d3 cell the function will be written as =sum (b3:c3)

The result for above both examples will be same.

Now sheet will become like below.

  1. How to open saved Sheet?

Opening a Sheet is like opening a file in computer.  Just go to Google Drive and double click on the Sheet name.

Another way is just login to Google Sheets and on the main page there will be a list of all the saved Sheets just click on the Sheet name and Sheet will be opened.

Having mobile and tablet open the Sheets app and select file and start working on it.


Conclusion: This is the way you can create and edit a Sheet. It’s very simple and easy way to create a Sheet.


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