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How to use internet securely and smartly?

Now a day’s internet is prevailing. Everyone from young to old uses internet. Internet has become part and parcel of our daily routine. Here is how to use internet securely and wisely?

  1. Password protected Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity).
  2. Use internet privately on public computers.
  3. Browser shortcuts for PC’s.
  4. Clear cookies after work.
  5. Various browsers.
  6. Bookmark frequently visited websites.
  7. Print selected contents only.
  8. Never disclose your private information.


Protect your Wi-Fi using password

 Everyone use Wi-Fi enabled devices to access internet. Wi-Fi hotspot devices allow us to use internet through them. But before setting up for these devices protect your Wi-Fi hotspot using password.

Use internet privately on public computers

 Sometimes you need to access internet on cafe or public computers. But it involves risk of hacking of your account details or some personal data. To avoid risk of hacking you should always browse websites in private/incognito window. Browsing in private/incognito window password or browsing history never gets saved. How to open private window check out my article “how to use google account safely”.

Browser shortcuts for PC’s

When you access internet you have to switch from keyboard to mouse and vice versa to do some tasks. In order to access internet fast you should be familiar with some basic keyboard shortcuts of browser for some frequently used commands like Bookmark a website, close a tab, open new window, open new tab etc.

Clear cookies after work

Cookies are those pieces of information that get saved automatically from the website for the purpose of faster access next time. They can also be used to remember some crucial information like name, addresses, password or some other important fields.

When you browse on public computer try to clear cookies so that no one could know what you browsed or filled data.

Various browsers

 One of the most important thing about website is that some website are browser dependent means when you open those websites in other browser those websites don’t give expected results especially website used for different form related activities. So if any website doesn’t give you the expected result try to open it in other web browser.

Bookmark frequently visited websites

 Routine internet users need to access some websites again and again. So entering their address in address bar becomes a tedious process.  There is a shortcut to it. Just click on star in the address bar after opening website. It will get bookmarked. Now you can just open it by clicking on its name on the toolbar or in bookmark list in menu bar.

Print selected contents only

 Sometimes you need to print the selected contents of a website instead of whole website. It’s very simple you just need to select the text and open the Print dialog box. In the print dialog box under page selection tab click on the selection only and then click on the print button.

Set the download location

 Download location refers to the folder where our file gets saved when we download it from the internet. By default every downloaded file saves in the download folder but you can change it as and when required. To know how to set download location just check my another article “How to set download location?”

to use internet securely Never disclose your private information

 Last but not the least about internet is safety of your private information. To use internet securely do not save your passwords in the public computers. Do not disclose your passwords to anyone.  



Above mentioned points to use internet are for beginners and routine users.


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  1. This is so important! Very well written I will definitely be more careful next time when using public computers it hasn’t even crossed my mind!

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