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What is Internet of Things and how does IoT work?

Hi guys, today I’m going to discuss about Internet of Things (IoT) its examples and applications. What is Internet of Things and how does IoT work?

Preface to Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected devices to the internet and to other connected devices. This includes everything from vehicles, cell phones, washing machines, headphones, lamps, a room temperature sensor, wearable devices and other items which are interconnected to collect and exchange data through the sensors, software, actuators, micro-chips, electronics etc embedded in them to ensure network connectivity (internet, Bluetooth, a jet engine of an airplane etc).

Internet of Things (IoT)  platforms can help business to reduce cost through improved process efficiency and productivity. With improved tracking of devices/objects using sensors and connectivity, they can benefit from real-time insights and analytics, which would help them, make smarter decisions.


Examples of Internet of Things (IoT)


In a revolutionary development use of Internet of Things (IoT)  platforms has grown a lot over the past few years. People use Internet of Things (IoT)  platforms at home, on the go, and at work. But now taking another step forward internet is going to connect things never thought before. The Internet of Things (IoT)  platform is growing at a significant pace as IoT technology plays a huge part in tech industry today.

Smart devices are perfect examples of IoT. Let’s discuss some examples of IoT you must know about.

IoT Examples

Apple Watch

Wearable devices are installed with sensors and software as it can track record of your health, walking steps and heart beat.


Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs connected with your mobile app, can control the color and intensity of light. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs is one of the best examples of smart bulbs.


Google on Your Device

Google Now installed in your Android device is a good example of IoT. It tracks you. Hint you nearby. Suggest you the places that you concern to visit.


Applications of Internet of Things (IoT)


Smart Cars

Most large auto makers have launched the smart cars using IoT technology in which user can remotely control the temperature, lights and charging of the car. Also, various sensors in your vehicle indicate you about the current status of your vehicle, so that you don’t face any issues while travelling.  Tesla car have these feature, it also have an App framework where you can build your own app to control the car and know its speed, location, battery status from anywhere.


Smart Home Devices

One of the most common uses of IoT in the home is security devices such as connected cameras and motion sensors. It provides you better sense of security, against intruders while away.


Smart Locks

Smart locks unlock automatically when you get home, and lock behind you when you close the door. You can set a code to smart lock to open your door in case you don’t have your phone with you.


Temperature Sensor At Home

A temperature sensor network connected with the cloud through the mobile app gets respond to the user query about temperature. So user will get the current information directly on his screen.


Smart City

IoT technology has changed the cities to the smart cities. Through various sensors, we can detect the pollution in the air and water.


How does Internet of Things (IoT) work?


The basic idea of IoT is to increase machine to machine communication. In real meaning, the Internet of Things is one huge cloud. Sensors or devices collect data from their surroundings and sent it to the cloud by using internet. Data sent to the cloud gets processing on it and gets most valuable information with applications built to address specific needs using embedded sensors, processors and communication hardware.


Wrapping it up


In a nutshell, the Internet of Things (IoTis basically a system of devices and things that are implanted with sensors, software and electronics to initiate the exchange and collection of data and information. The “Internet of Things” is a Net without humans.


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