Youtube-Five amazing youtube tricks

YouTube is one of the trendiest video-sharing website. With an Internet connection anyone can discover, watch and share videos on YouTube. By making online profile users can upload their interesting and entertaining videos around the world. All kinds of videos are available on YouTube. Here are some cool youtube tricks which will make youtube more useful than it was before.

YouTube keyboard shortcuts-PC

Press To
Space Play/pause the video
Left arrow Jump back 5 seconds in current video
Right arrow Jump forward 5 seconds in current video
Up / down arrow Volume Control
F Full Screen
0 Restart video
Esc Exit Full Screen    
Numbers 1-9 Skip to the 10% to 90% of the video
>/< (Shift+./Shift+,) Increase/ decrease video speed
M Mute on/off
Shift+P Previous video in a playlist       
Shift+N Next video in a playlist       


Some of useful Youtube tricks which will convert your YouTube videos to the different formats and you can download those files without any software or converter. These are basically online converters which work in every kind of devices.

  1. Convert YouTube video to mp3

    – This is an amazing trick by which you can easily convert your YouTube video to mp3 (i.e. audio) format and listen to the YouTube videos. Here is how you can do this?

    • Open YouTube video in any browser.
    • In url just replace to listentoyoutube.
    • This will redirect to online mp3 converter with selected YouTube video.

    Follow trick as mentioned above and enjoy your favorite YouTube video in mp3 format.

  2. Download YouTube Video

    – Sometimes you want to download YouTube video to enjoy your favorite video offline. By using this trick you can easily download YouTube video without any downloader and make your video collection offline. Here is the method

    • Open YouTube video in any browser.
    • In address bar just replace to ssyoutube in the url.
    • This will redirect to the online downloader website.
    • Select format of your choice and your video will start downloading automatically.

    Congratulations! Your video is now available offline just check your download folder.

  3. Convert YOUTUBE VIDEO to Gif

    – GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a short animated Picture Format. To convert YouTube video into any length clips is much easy with this online Gif converter.

    • Open YouTube video in any browser.
    • In the url just replace to gifyoutube.
    • This will redirect to the online Gif converter (i.e. with selected YouTube video.
  4. PLAY YouTube video on repeat

    – With this simple trick you can enjoy your favorite YouTube video in repeat mode.

    • Just replace with listenonrepeat before “.com” to watch it on repeat.
    • It will open and show your YouTube video on repeat mode.

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